Pieta - Jesus Christ, Immortal Son of God, conceived and born of the blessed virgin Mary by the Holy Spirit, crucified for us - He rose again and will return from heaven
Picture of Michelangelo's Pieta - Sorrowful Mother holding her Divine Son at the foot of the Cross - in its setting at the Vatican Pavilion at the New York World's Fair. My parents and I visited the 1964 World's Fair in New York and we got this picture from the Vatican Pavilion where we saw this, the original Pieta, which had been brought there from Italy for the World's Fair.

Monday, January 23, 2012

School prayer, body surfing and Jack Kennedy

I used to body surf quite a few decades ago. The world was different then and in many ways the same. The same year I started body surfing was the same year President John F. Kennedy was assassinated and school prayer was removed from United States public schools. I know there was no coincidence in those two events. School prayer was removed in two vile court cases outlawing God in the United States. Kennedy was the last honest President.

My body surfing days were at the same time I went to High School. The waves were much larger then as opposed to now, where I was. People were much different then in the context of society. During that time the counter culture, which I had NO use for then and now still, was thrust upon the scene. Before the end of the decade I went to College and found that the counter culture that was on campus and in the halls of the College's teaching staff was composed of anarchists which I utterly opposed then and now still.

When you research the counter culture you will find that in absolute contradistinction to the milieu that it supposedly came from and in spite of the genre of that time that supposedly represented it, that it's roots are distinctly Bolshevism and no other. The Zeitgeist of the 1960's and the Real Politik of that time were in fact the same, especially in central Africa - Congo etc., that was totalitarian rule through subversion of law from a Bakunin like left wing. I opposed  it then on campus, in spite of threat to my life from them, and I oppose it now. I also had no use for the CIA on campus and their games. Two sets of liars. The Church committee reforms in the United States Congress in the next decade slowed the CIA's unlawfulness down but didn't stop it. The CIA by law has never had any authority to and has always been totally forbidden to operate in the United States, but that doesn't stop them.

The sad reality is the people of the United States still don't recognize most of this. Opportunists in politics prance about making grandiose statements full of hot air and covering over the fact that what is engaged in by them and the hidden powers is a dialectical syncretism of left-wing right-wing shadow play while the real agenda of removing all God given rights from people continues unabated. “Le nouvel âge,” the new age, is nothing other than the old age of paganism and blood letting with the leit-motif of Renaissance humanism lightly covering it. It is a shame and will bring to power only corruption and evil.

"Le plus grand mensonge," is that the New World Order is anything other than Hitlerian/Bolshevistic/code Napoléon tyranny. The brutal subjugation of Palestine by British colonialist - Zionist - vulture Capitalist unlawful expeditionary colonizing incursion expansionism and direct genocide is the prime example of this since Herzl until now and continues to be.

Pope Pius X summed up perfectly the answer of conscience to the Zionists query of him for approval for their plans to even immigrate to Palestine, much less any unlawful and murderous invasion which can never be approved in any just fashion, when he said that since they do not recognize Jesus Christ as the Messiah then they can not be recognized. Two World Wars later and the Third beginning now with the abject liars' propaganda of the nouvelle loi d'habilitation of sturm und drang centrist control of everything spreading like cancer throughout the world in a war of terror upon individual rights, which rights were given people by God: we have the Zionists' answer to their being rejected - but by who were they rejected? - by God of course. Pius' words only repeated this.

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